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Our travel design process is a very personalized one. We have expertise in all areas of the travel industry and make sure that our trips are built to our clients’ needs. Our consulting process includes personalized travel advice based on firsthand experience, personal opinions, and professional expertise. We invest time into researching, planning, and employing our worldwide travel network for each trip planned. As a member of the Virtuoso luxury travel consortia we have the power and leverage to create unique and exceptional experiences for our clients from beginning to end, enhancing trips with complimentary amenities and more.
Bagshaw Travel focuses on creating the best itineraries for clients utilizing a network of 4 -star & 5-star accommodations, cruise lines, airlines, tour operators, and more. We work with only vetted suppliers throughout the world to ensure our clients have the best experiences.
Bagshaw Travel is currently accepting new clients with a minimum $10K trip budget 


Our Fee Structure

The trip fee includes personalized consultation, research, planning, and quote preparation. During this introductory stage we also are tapping into our global network of contacts, as well as our expertise. If you are happy with the initial itinerary proposed, we then begin confirming and securing all parts of the trip from hotel
to transfers and more.

In addition to booking the primary itinerary, we also offer ancillary services in the form of guided tours, theater tickets, restaurant recommendations and more.

start planning

Discovery fees start at $400

The trip fee includes consultation, research, planning, and quote preparation. 

Group fees start at $750

Bagshaw Travel will act as the liaison and negotiate and program all components of the retreat.

Corporate/Group retreat fees start at $2,500

We offer a limited amount of annual memberships for unlimited travel planning services year-round starting at $1,650

Annual ACCESS Membership

We offer multi-year Travel Portfolios for our clients for calendar planning and budgeting purposes. Fees are based on individual client needs


*Fees start at $400, but can increase with complex itineraries, multiple destinations, or for larger groups/events. Please note: Only 3 revisions to the initial itinerary are included in the $400 base fee. Trip consultation fee does not include flight ticketing or other fees.

core services

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transportation & vip expedited arrival

knowledgeable private guides

private air charters


luxury cruises/yacht charters

Our Process


We discuss your travel needs and wants. What are your dreams for this journey? We'll clarify your vision as well as gather the details of dates, passengers,
budget, etc.



We tailor the trip to your vision. What will the trip look like? Simple? Just a fabulous hotel in a breathtaking place with instant VIP treatment and perks? Or, is it complex? Multi-city itinerary with planes, trains and automobiles and everything in between? This is where our industry connections guarantee access to some of the best trips, hotels and VIP experiences around the world.



After you have reviewed the designed product and approve, the booking process begins. It is now all about availability, details, and deadlines. Our job is to take the stress out of travel planning by attending to the minutiae of the trip so you can relax and enjoy the fun of anticipation! We will provide you with your custom itinerary and any
necessary travel documents.



The best part! You are off on your dream trip and you don't have to worry about a thing. While you are off on your adventure, we continue to work in the background on your behalf - connecting with our colleagues who are taking care of you on your trip, smoothing any bumps in the road and finding little ways to make
your journey special!


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