The goal at Bagshaw Travel is to design exceptional travel experiences for our clients. We offer the best curated itineraries for clients with a network of 4-star and 5-star suppliers that we have handpicked throughout our industry experience.

About Us

Our Mission

We believe that travel is not one size fits all which is why we specialize in custom made travel. We want to help you create memories that will last a lifetime and we do this by tailoring every journey according to your needs, ensuring a seamless experience from beginning to end. We take great care in handling every detail of your journey so that your trip is memorable and hassle-free. We are committed to working with world-class vetted suppliers in the travel industry that deliver best in class service to our clients.

We believe that travel should be transformative, stress-free and leave minimal impact on the local community.

Meet our Founder

Stephanie founded Bagshaw Travel in 2016 with a passion in not just travel, but in travel planning. As someone in the busy corporate world she knew how valuable ones time is. Not only did she recognize the need to save clients time in planning, but she knew the time they took off for vacation is precious and needed to ensure that their time away was memorable and hassle-free. It was important that the company be aligned with the best suppliers in the world so she aligned with Andavo Travel, a Virtuoso Agency to become an affiliate. With this partnership, Bagshaw Travel has the power and leverage to deliver the “Best of the Best” in travel. 

She resides in Cleveland, OH with her husband and 2 little boys that enjoy globe trotting as much as she does!

Stephanie Bagshaw

“My passion is in the travel design process and I love seeing amazing itineraries come to life that are specifically built for our clients. Rather than specializing in a region, I prefer to specialize in my clients needs. I plan travel all over the globe, but Latin America has a special place in my heart and I have a love for Wellness Travel.”

Bagshaw Travel Benefits


With a focus on the best places to stay and hidden gems outside of mainstream, we'll help you find your perfect destination. Stay up-to date with our expertise on the top travel trends as well as safety advisories from around the world

VIP Perks

Our global connections grant you complimentary upgrades, breakfast, resort credits, and access to exclusive experiences. Our clients get the full VIP treatment at the most exclusive resorts in the world!

Personalized service

Every itinerary is tailored to fit your needs. We’re there every step of the way just a phone call, email or text away! No 800 numbers or robo chat features - you get a real person who will help with any part of your travels so that you can be stress
 free on your vacation.

peace of mind

We cut through all the online clutter to make your travel plans easy. You can be assured that every detail has been handled, from setting up transportation, payment reminders and tackling last minute changes or surprises with us! Our experts will share dining suggestions, tipping etiquette in different countries around-the world and review COVID 19 protocols by destination domestically or abroad so you are well prepared during your trip. You can rest easy and enjoy your trip hassle-free!

As a member of a global luxury travel consortia, we have access to resources that are otherwise unattainable. By partnering with the best in our industry, we're able to create unique and exceptional experiences for clients from beginning to end and enhancing trips with complimentary amenities and more. We have partnerships all over world on ground as an extension of our team which makes us an invaluable resource when traveling abroad - especially if you need local knowledge or assistance while exploring.


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